Welcome to Seapoint Chandlers

Handcrafted Maine candles...pure beeswax...pure beauty

Welcome to Seapoint Chandlers! Our 100% pure and
natural beeswax candles are hand-poured, artisan quality
candles. Whether you are looking to bring warmth to your
home or to light the night for a grand affair, we are confident
that our candles will delight you.

Our classic handmade candles are crafted in the tradition of tin mold candle making, which include our tapers and beeswax pillars. We also feature more contemporary designs such as our Seapoint Beach Rock candles and our Pinecone candles.

Discover the beauty and timeless appeal of our pure
beeswax candles. Discover Seapoint Chandlers.
We are so glad you found us!

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"To produce enough wax for
one pillar candle,
the female workers fly over 100,000 miles, and
visit more than 30 million blossoming flowers!"

Beaded Pillow Candle
starting at $9.50 *
Maine Pinecone - Large
starting at $28.00 *
Tin Mold Round Pillars
starting at $24.50 *
Tin Mold Columns
starting at $10.50 *
Rustic Maine Pillar
starting at $18.50 *
Rustic Fern Pillar
starting at $27.00 *
Tea Lights in Pure Beeswax
starting at $22.50 *
Tin Mold Square Pillars
starting at $25.50 *
Small Sea Biscuit
Large Sea Biscuit
Seapoint Starfish
Small Sea Urchins
Medium Sea Urchin
Stick Um
$4.00 *
* Prices plus sales tax, plus delivery